The Design of Perfume Bottle
2018-09-06 10:55:56   Reading volume:904

Among the many perfume bottles, each with a distinctive, contests. Glass Bottle shape with a different personality characteristics to attract a different crowd. There are in the human body or body curve as the main design elements, the most prominent women's soft and elegant.

Many girls buy perfume perfume bottle all the time to see whether the good-looking before deciding whether to buy. Fragrance is a major, but often also play a lot of perfume bottles role. In order to catch up with the pace of the trend, designers hard all the stops.

Perfume market needs, the first and most important step is to have an attractive and elegant perfume bottles perfume packaging. Perfume packaging will directly affect the sales of perfume, so some big perfume company set up a special design department employs top designer perfume bottles.

Good perfume should be unusual, not weird, there is a strong personality, make people remember, and is a dynamic and strength, mellow aroma gradually comes out, will not be interrupted, the proliferation of good, long-lasting power aroma stable atmosphere fragrant durable ghost. At the same time, also has a unique perfume bottle and perfume packaging form an organic unity, it gives a noble, elegant feeling. The aroma taste the air can not be left behind by the packaging, but good design will make people feel the taste of the air. Perfume packaging shape, color, structure, text and image-assisted design, can impress the viewer's sense of smell habit, as if to identify air perfume.

Women's perfume is not the only customer base.

In other countries, accounting for male fragrance shelves 2/5 position, so, can not ignore the male fragrance market. Traditional men and women because of different definitions, making use of perfume has also been customary to distinguish between the men and women of flavor preferences are different, more light than the male fragrance female perfume, without a trace. Men and women perfume packaging is also very different from the packaging, shape, color can identify them.

East and West feel perfume taste different, more Western women like rich aroma of hot, dip the reins, tantalizing, gorgeous people feel light. The Asian women more like fresh and elegant aroma, it is tracking to find, free and easy charm, indistinct fragrance make people feel relaxed, comfortable. Two styles of perfume, each with charm, can be manifested by the package in the form of color, shape and the like.

Beautiful jewelry and beautiful fragrances belong together, they make a woman indulge into the magic world. If you add elements on a perfume bottle jewelry, I can not believe how many women crazy. Jewelry and perfume make women more attractive flow in the skin gorgeous ornaments perfume, another gorgeous name is "skin jewels", these liquid gold and glittering accessories has too many common characteristics, such as whether it is carved diamond perfume bottle or breath will pass out of the noble texture.